Thursday, June 30, 2011

JunOS Router testbed part 3: multicast still not working

So after a bit of research and tons of failed attempts, I've discovered that the olives really don't like multicast. Some people have had used a patch to enable it for OSPF on earlier versions of JunOS, but there's nothing for later versions (since these run fine), although MSDP and PIM still don't work.

I had heard about people using gre tunnels, and can confirm that this works. Olives only let you have one of each type of tunnel (due to there being no PIC's installed) so I used an ipip tunnel to connect two routers, got PIM and MSDP working, then gre tunnels to my two ubuntu boxes (as per

I can see the routes filling up the MSDP table, dbeacon seems to sense get some sort of communication, but it still looks like multicast traffic isn't being routed properly.... at least it's getting across all the links now

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