Friday, October 22, 2010

IPv6 Neighbour solicitation replay attack

After setting up an ad-hoc WEP network (with the totally secure key of 12:34:56:78:90 - not actually that uncommon in practise unfortunately) I set up airodump and tested aireplay-ng's replay feature (which only does ARP packets, so gave me no results), and from the amount of traffic generated (cat /dev/urandom over ssh) aircrack-ng managed to somehow retrieve the key! I had a bit more of a search and a look through the aircrack code, and I can only assume that aircrack got lucky with its bruteforcing stage, as there is no reference anywhere to it actively cracking from IPv6 packets. This isn't totally unbelievable, given that the first 8 bytes (the LLC header) are the same between IPv4 and IPv6, but was still surprising.

Instead of trying to implement an IPv6 extension to aircrack at this stage, I thought it would be interesting to modify aireplay-ng to allow it to replay neighbour solicitation requests. This turned out to only require a couple of modifications (removing the last check from the filter_packet function for broadcast MAC addresses at line 590ish and adding checks for lengths 112 and 104 at line 2500ish), and I was ready to go. The test didn't work quite as well as I wanted it to - it only seemed to generate single advertisements a few seconds apart, but I'll put this down to the linux and bsd boxes I was using (rfc4861 makes no mention of waiting between packets) - a windows box (aka ARP farm) should give the the results I want.

Next steps:
  1. Test if my ARP farm windows boxes also work as NA farms
  2. Possibly add some code to aireplay to distinguish between NA and NS packets based on the responses elicited
  3. Look deeper into the aircrack code and find where it parses IPv4 packets, and add IPv6 functionality (and a -6 switch?)

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