Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IPv6 touchup

My home network is largely sorted for IPv6 with just a couple of problems

  1. My windows boxes don't get default routes
  2. My linux boxes use the prefix from the route advertisement rather than from DHCPv6
It turns out you need to explicitly tell radvd to send out a default route or else windows won't pick it up, whereas linux does this automatically. The following radvd.conf file fixed this for me:

interface eth1
   AdvSendAdvert on;
   AdvManagedFlag on;
   MinRtrAdvInterval 3;
   MaxRtrAdvInterval 10;
   prefix 2001:1234:5678:1::/64
      AdvOnLink on;
      AdvAutonomous on;
      AdvRouterAddr on;
   route ::/0{

Meanwhile the DHCPv6 problem was due to debian not having a DHCPv6 client by default. I downloaded wide-dhcpv6-client, played with the config for a bit, and finally got something that worked:

interface eth0
  send ia-na 1;
  request domain-name-servers;
  request domain-name;

id-assoc na 1 {

One point to remember is that you need to manually create a duid, and this can be done with (which you can find easily on google), and this allows you to query DHCPv6 from debian.

This still doesn't fix windows xp however, but it's getting old now, so hopefully it won't be an issue once people finally start migrating properly to IPv6.

In other news, the gsm729 codec worked well with my SIP server, allowing me  to make softphone calls to cellphones, but when using my n95 through the sip server I still couldn't hear anything back... so a bit more investigation to be done yet.

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