Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Venturing into telephony

Coming to the end of my degree, I figured now would be a good time to finally find out what a network engineer can actually do for a job. I had a look at what jobs Nokia Siemens had on offer in Wrocław, and realised I don't know anything about VOIP, let alone SS7 and other suites, so lacking a direct connection to a telephone network I figured it would be best to download and install Asterisk.

The install went smoothly on my old debian box, and now I'm just waiting for the SIP provider to inform me that no, I haven't stolen my own credit card, and that yes, they are happy to take my money off me so I can make 20 second test calls to people all around the world until the novelty finally wears off.

Oddly enough there's one practical reason for this apart from the experience - my n95 has SIP capabilities, so I'm hoping this means cheap cellphone calls when I'm at home - because I still can't be bothered plugging my old skype phone back in.

Hopefully it'll be ready for testing, further config, and a security tidy-up when I get home tomorrow!

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